Travel agents make travel simple.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just told you which cruise would be the best that fits your budget, interests, and timeframe? Your personal helper? (I am still waiting for my personal housekeeper) CEOs have secretaries, Trump has his Cabinet, and fancy bathrooms have that helper who hands you the towel. On vacation, travelers have their travel agent. (I could even find you a bathroom with someone to hand you the towel too)

I know what you’re thinking, aren’t travel agents old-fashioned? Isn’t that something that my grandma uses because she can’t figure out her computer? Fact: travel agents have been around since the 19th century. Non-fact: travel agents are only for grandmas. Travel isn’t the same as it used to be and your Grandma is keeping up with the times, when she calls her travel agent. 

The travel world may be very different than it was ten years ago but something hasn’t changed: people still travel.

Here are 5 reasons why using a travel agent is better than planning a trip on your own:

  • Travel Expertise: Travel agents are trained in the art of travel. If you want to know how to garden well, you will talk to a gardening expert. Why then not talk about travel with a travel expert? Let me help you! I love traveling and have done a lot. I have also studied travel through courses and certifications. I know how to find the party. So come talk to the expert.
  • Deals!-Everybody loves a good deal, me included. Travel agents often get notifications on new amazing deals. Deals that we can send directly to you. Or we can create a special deal just for you or your group. The deals are out there waiting to be used. And they fly like hotcakes!

  • NO Cost Assistance: Using a travel agent is (usually) FREE! Did you know that? Because I didn’t used to know that. I always stayed FAR away from travel agents because I was “saving money”.  Little did I know that it doesn’t matter whether I use a travel agent or not, my price is the same. But in the meantime I spent a lot more time and effort getting everything set and organized. A travel agent gets paid by the travel vendor you are using such as Marriott hotels or Royal Caribbean cruise line. So the cost to you is nothing, the ease is greater: I am not seeing a downside to this.
  • Group Travel made easy! Group travel is the best! I have done travel with just my husband or kids and it was fun. I loved spending time with them. But we have also done a bunch of travel with friends, extended family or business associates and WHOA! Crank up the fun factor on those trips! We love group travel. There is always someone around to hang out with and have fun. Or you can still choose to relax alone with your family. It has the best of both worlds. BUT group travel can be a BEAST to plan! Getting in contact with everyone, paying for things and making sure you are all on the same page. When you use a travel agent, this gets MUCH easier. We will coordinate the nitty-gritty little details and you just get to worry about whether or not you want to wear the red or the black swimsuit.
  • Travel agents can help you out on Vacation. Did you hear the story about the drunk guy who fell asleep in Munich in a taxi and ended up ACROSS the border in Switzerland with his wallet and passport back in Munich?  As much as we hope this exact situation won’t happen to you, IF IT DID you could call your travel agent to help you figure it all out. If your rental car isn’t ready for you or if your hotel has flooded. We can help you. A travel agent can help figure out travel problems for you while on vacation. You are not alone.

Travel agents are experts that help make your travel easier. Are you ready to travel?

My Travel Joke of the Day:

As I waited for my luggage at the airport, a man lifted my suitcase off the baggage carousel.

“Excuse me,” I shouted. “That’s my suitcase.”

The man shot back defensively, “Well, somebody took mine!”

By Tammy Bennett 

Tammy is a master Jedi planner and organizer able to battle the fiercest traveling adventure for anyone. She is married to a traveling junky and has 5 kids. In her spare time she plans vacations to build memories, strengthen families, and challenge companies. She can also be found running, reading, cooking or sleeping. (one of her favorite past times)


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