You’ve done it! You booked that trip, you spent all your money and now you’re ready. You have a packing list and a suitcase and your flip flops. What more could you need? Here are few things to do before your leave to make sure everything at home is ready for you.

    1. Stop your mail. Depending on how long you will be gone you may need to have the post office hold your mail. You can also have someone else pick up your mail if there is someone you trust. If you are going to be gone for a week or less your mail should be fine to wait until you get back. I usually only check my mail once a week already so the mail lady wouldn’t notice a difference at my house!
    2. Take care of pets or plants. If you have pets or plants that need daily care while you are gone, organize it now so they are taken care of before you go. Sites like can help you find reliable petsitters.
    3. Check Passport Expiration Dates. Most countries do not allow entry if your passport has a year or less of time. You need to check it early enough to complete the renewal. Most renewals take about 6 weeks time. You can expedite it for an extra fee to take closer to 2 weeks time. This is not a guarantee so check early.
    4. Book all of your reservations as early as possible. The early bird gets the worm! The best accommodations go quickly so the earlier you book the better. Does your trip need hotels, cruises, transportation between airports, train stations or ports, tickets to concerts or museums? Many things sell out or cannot be booked on location at all. Make sure you have everything organized ahead of time for your trip. See here why using a travel agent can help you get all your reservations completed correctly. 
    5. Print out your plans and reservations. Cell phone service and WiFi can be spotty when traveling. Don’t plan to find your reservation number with internet when you are ready to check in. Carry a printed copy or a digital copy that is downloaded on your phone. I like to take a screenshot of my boarding pass after it is sent to my phone so that I can access it easier. I also carry a small folder that I have filled with all my paperwork just in case. The folder helps to keep it protected while in my backpack.
    6. Leave your plans at home. When traveling it is best if someone back in your home country knows exactly where you are during your trip. In case of a natural disaster or emergency they will be able to get in contact with you.
    7. Copy your passports. Carry with you a copy of your passports in case you lose your real passport. The best way to replace passports when you are out of your home country is to have a copy of your original. Make sure to keep the copy and the original separate (like one in the hotel and one on your person) so if you lose one you don’t lose both. You could also leave a copy behind with your family in case of an emergency also. If you lose your passport your local embassy can help replace it.


Travel is amazing! These travel tips will help you be prepared when it is time to leave.


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