Taking a family road trip is part of the quintessential American life. Loading up the kids in the family car that is filled to the brim with food, swimsuits and excitement is all part of summer fun. As a kid, my family and took long road trips across the country. Too many bodies and not enough to do created a space for me to fall in love the American landscape.

I remember staring at maps, long nights in the van when my dad didn’t want to stop, eating lots of sandwiches and being jealous of my sister’s bright yellow walkman. This summer, I want my kids to feel the same love of the road and forced family fun. I am planning a road trip that is as much about the traveling as it is the destination. But, how am I going to keep my sanity and kids happy at the same time??

Short Distances

Instead of driving 8 or more hours every day, we are keeping our driving under 4 hours each day. The shorter driving time will help us have more time in the morning and less of a rushed feeling each day. We can stop at roadside fruit stands or at interesting towns that catch our attention. And we will definitely spend more time in the pool!

Take the Back Road

Whenever possible, we hope to take small highways or county roads. Why? Because it is the best way to see the country! Small towns, country cafes and historic routes. While we will have plans to stop at specific landmarks, we won’t let it stop us from taking detours to see something new or interesting!

Less Electronics and More Fun!

This is going to be the hardest to implement! I have three teenagers. All who love to sit in the car and look at their phones and listen to their own music. I might get a lot of pushback on this one but, I said LESS electronics. I won’t forget the road maps, audio books and games at home. We will try to cut back and allow ourselves enjoy the journey without constant entertainment.

Are you headed on a fun road trip this summer? Let us know where you are going!

Sara puts the A in AWESOME deal-finding. She is a world traveler with Disney on the brain. Her 4 kids and fun-loving hubby keep her happy and healthy. In her spare time she browses the internet for crazy deals and location information, just look at our Pinterest account! She also enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, reading, all things Disney, exercising and ghost town exploring.