Packing for a trip is fun and exciting, but sometimes you forget things! Here is a quick list of 5 things you might not think of when packing for your trip.


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  1. Aloe Vera-Are you going in the winter time to a nice warm sunny beach? Odds are you will get a sunburn at some point during this trip. Sunburns hurt and can even ruin the next few days of your trip. Stick a small bottle of Aloe Vera or something else to soothe the burn.
  2. Power Strip– I always bring a power strip along on trips now since most hotels and cruise ships will not have enough plugs to charge my phone, my husband’s phone, iPad, my portable charger for that all day excursion tomorrow and anything else you might bring along.
  3. Fan or Noise Maker– sleeping on in a cruise ship stateroom can be deafeningly quiet. It is hard to sleep in a new place anyway and a little dull noise goes a long way. OR it could have people walking past your door all night long at all hours of the night, making it hard to stay asleep. The fan will dull out most of it allowing you to sleep well.
  4. Lanyard or small pouch– if you are traveling with tickets to Disneyland or individual cards like on a cruise, it is great to have a quick little convenient pouch to keep them organized, protected and kept close to you. Try to choose one that is sturdy since the plastic kind break really easy and you don’t want to lose those tickets!
  5. Ziploc Bags– I love bringing ziploc bags along on my trips, or buying some once I get to my destination. My kids tend to always get hungry no matter where we are going or what we are doing. If I spent a bunch of money on an excursion or some kind of day adventure, I don’t want to stop to get them all a snack. So I pack my backpack full of goodies either in the backpack separate (like granola bars) or in ziploc bags. Then we can last from breakfast to lunch without someone bursting into hysterics over being hungry.


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Tammy is a master Jedi planner and organizer able to battle the fiercest traveling adventure for anyone. She is married to a traveling junky and has 5 kids. In her spare time she plans vacations to build memories, strengthen families, and challenge companies. She can also be found running, reading, cooking or sleeping. (one of her favorite past times)