Hey everybody! Tammy and I are super excited to introduce this new series why I travel. Everyone has their own reasons why they travel. Tammy and I have some similarities but we also have some different reasons why we travel. We hope to get your minds sparked as to why you love to travel. Do you love going to exotic places? Do you love the Escape? What about learning new languages? Or showing your kids different cultures and diversity?

I travel because travel is education. Not only are you learning new things, I also travel to see new things and do new things. In a different place, I am surrounded by unfamiliar things and people. I get to learn about the people I meet and have my mind opened to discover new things about myself and about my strengths and weaknesses. Travel has taught me things that I didn’t even know that I was missing out on. When I have gone someplace new I learned things about this world that I didn’t even know was out there. There’s always something new to taste, new people to meet, museums to explore and cultures to experience.

Why do you travel? Maybe you have some of the same reasons that I do. Or maybe you will teach me something that I hadn’t thought about before. I’d love to hear your reasons. Sara

Sara puts the A in AWESOME deal-finding. She is a world traveler with Disney on the brain. Her 4 kids and fun-loving hubby keep her happy and healthy. In her spare time she browses the internet for crazy deals and location information, just look at our Pinterest account! She also enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, reading, all things Disney, exercising and ghost town exploring.