Do you have fun spring break travel plans? We are getting so excited for our spring break trip to Disneyland. I wouldn’t normally plan a trip to Disneyland during spring break because I prefer to go on days when the crowds are smaller but, it is getting really hard to pull my older kids out of school. They miss too much school work. We are still super excited to go.

Every year we give our kids a vacation for Christmas. We feel that giving them vacations and the memories and experiences that come along with them are more valuable than things. For us, these experiences have helped create a strong family bond and have formed memories that will last lifetimes. They do get a few presents too. For Christmas of 2016, we gave them a Carnival Cruise This past Christmas we decided that since we haven’t been to Disneyland for about 4 years as a family, we should visit the happiest place on earth! Since spring break was 95 days away from Christmas, I was worried about giving my kids a vacation that was so far in the future. I came up with a plan to help my kids continue to feel the excitement of our upcoming trip:

# 1: Disneyland countdown chain:


I found this great idea for a countdown chain online where each link represents a day until the trip. The kids can see the chain getting shorter every day and the excitement builds as the chain starts to diminish. On the white links, I wrote the corresponding dates so the kids were able to keep track without having to break out the calculator to figure out the number of remaining links.. We have 14 days left!





#2: Disneyland top three:

I made a Disneyland top 3 list for all of my kids to fill out. The list consisted of each of their top three rides, foods, treats, souvenirs, pictures and things to do. It was a fun night talking about our memories of previous Disneyland trips. And it was interesting to hear what my kids remembered from our past vacations.. My youngest daughter doesn’t remember much about Disneyland. This top three list was very handy in planning our vacation. I was able to use their responses to make sure that we get to do the things that they love the most. I made sure to include as many of the top three items as possible!





#3: Disneyland ride list and YouTube:

Our youngest is a little apprehensive about some of the roller coasters. To help her get over here fears, I printed out a list of all the Disneyland rides. She has slowly been watching YouTube videos of each ride. On her list next to each ride, she puts a smiley face, a sad face or a question mark. I’ve been surprised with all the smiley faces!



#4: Maps

My kids love maps. So when I was on my last girls trip to Disneyland, in February, I brought a couple home. This top tree list was very handy in planning our vacation. I was able to use their responses to make sure that we get to do the things that they love the most.







With just two weeks left until we leave on our trip, we couldn’t be more excited. And the countdown chain is getting so short! Are you ready to plan your next trip? Let us help you! We specialize in making your vacation dreams a reality!

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