Last year our family had season passes to Six Flags. Our closest one was in Valencia, California so we went there many times that year. Six Flags is great because they have something for everyone, big or small. Here are some of my favorite things:

Dining Pass:

If you plan to go to Six Flags more than a couple days, the dining pass is a great deal. We got the Full dining pass which includes lunch, dinner and a snack. There is another option to just get dinner and one snack for cheaper. There was also a special that included unlimited drinks with the refillable cup all year long! It was great. There are often many specials going on throughout the year, but some of the best deals that I found happen in December for the next calendar year. Sign up for their email updates or watch the website for up to date information. We actually only needed about 2-3 to feed our family each meal since our kids aren’t big eaters. We also try to eat a big breakfast before we go each day. One of my favorite hidden snacks is the Cold Stone ice cream shop near the back of the park. You cannot use your snack in the Cold Stone near the front, only the one in the back near the water rides. But it is not as crowded back there since it is farther away. Yum!

Having fun on our girls trip! It was so much fun with only big kids!

My Favorite Rides:

Having a blast on these crazy roller coasters!

Most of the rides are great and we were able to eventually ride everything. However, there are a few that are my absolute favorites. 

Tatsu: Tatsu is a thrilling ride that you ride on your belly the entire ride. It is amazing and so fun! Probably my number one ride. You feel like you are flying and get a great view of the entire park, even if it is only for a second as you fly by. This ride is NOT a good ride, however, as the first one of the day if you get motion sickness at all. I don’t get it too bad, but it made me sick to be first. There are lots of loops and extreme heights. However there was no line when we went to it first, probably for that reason. My kids were not sick from it, but I had to sit out the next ride to settle my brain. We did however go again, twice, at the end of the day with little to no line. So awesome and I did not feel any motion sickness since my brain was all warmed up from the less intense rides.

Full Throttle: although this one tends to always be a long line and it is also a short ride, it is worth it. It is one of the newer rides and is really smooth. It is an out and back ride that we all enjoyed very much.

Goliath: one of those rides that is super fun and almost always has a short line. I am not sure why the lines are always so short, but the ride is very fun and thrilling. Perhaps it is because it is an older ride so it isn’t as cool anymore as some of the others.

Twisted Colossus: Don’t let the look of this ride fool you! It is not a simple wooden ride that shakes and rattles like crazy. It is a daring, fun, twisting ride. It is also one of the longer rides since you ride the same route twice! This is hard to catch with a short line however because once you ride it once you will realize that it is awesome! If you have a friend who gets scared but likes the ride in the end, don’t tell them it is a pretty bold ride. We told our friend it was pretty calm so she would not skip out on the ride and she is glad she went. It is one of her favorites now.

Half of these party animals are my family. The other half are our good friends who we love to party with!

Off-Season Visits:

I would not recommend coming to Six Flags on any holiday of any kind. Whether it is Christmas Break, Spring Break, Fall Break, or Independence Day. These days are always crowded and Magic Mountain lines tend to not run perfectly efficient. The lines could be anywhere from 2-3 hours long for all the big rides. If you have little kids the Bugs Bunny land never seems to be very crowded, however. We even rode the water ride in December since the line was so non-existent! We did get wet so we rode it last, however. Then you can run real quick and hop in the car!

The first week of December was a great time to visit! Small crowds and fun holiday festivities and shows.

Embassy Suites-Valencia

With a large family like mine, I love to stay in the Embassy Suites near Six Flags. The rooms have plenty of beds and space to fit all of us. They have a wonderful gourmet breakfast with made to order items like eggs and omelets. They have nightly snack time around 6pm with free non-alcoholic drinks and fun snacks like hummus and chips and salsa. It’s our favorite! They always have great pools and their fitness centers are nice too!

Season Passes or Memberships

Since we lived within driving distance the Season Pass was the way to go. A ticket for ONE DAY was the same price as the entire year of a season pass. Then we could come and go as often as we like! We could head back to the hotel for a nap in the middle of the day or snack time. Then return to Magic Mountain for some late night fun. Our passes also included free parking and discounts throughout the park. Which made entrance in to the park much cheaper. Season passes are when you pay for the full price in advance and your membership automatically ends at the end of the year. Memberships are when you pay a portion of your annual season pass price per month. This does not expire at the end of the year and you may continue using it as long as you continue paying each month.

Now that you know some of my favorite things, it is time to plan a trip! What are your favorite things about Six Flags Magic Mountain?

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